I decided to analyze another art piece that i came upon earlier which has to do with Palestine yet again. I want to be able to remain connected to work that represents the conflict in Palestine and this photo which i found online does exactly that. Can a picture really be worth a thousand words? The visual captivates our generation more than the written word. As Paul Martin Lester once said: “Something is happening. We are becoming a visually mediated society. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words but by reading images”. This image speaks to me. After what has happened in Gaza and Palestine, I almost teared just by looking at this photograph. The little kids haven’t lost hope and are more patriotic than ever (symbolized by the way they are raising their flag) although their home has been shot a thousand times. Luckily, these innocent souls are still alive and do not fear what is happening to their homeland. This photograph should raise awareness, and invite people to do something about the terrible situation in Palestine and I think the photographer has perfectly captured the moment. Image


TFW 2014 Boost Business

This year Toronto hosted it’s annual Fashion Week which represented multiple canadian fashion designers and make up artists. In this one week, artists, designers, students, people of all ages and interests came together to support their love for fashion. Through all this work and effort they were able to represent a different side of Canada that is different from sports. Alberta born designer Sid Neigum said Toronto Fashion Week, “opens you up to an entire new market of consumers that I hadn’t had before, and it’s just a great promotional platform, too… A Statistics Canada report released last October found the value of online orders placed by Canadians reached $18.9 billion in 2012 — a 24 per cent increase from 2010. Among online shoppers, 42 per cent purchased clothing, jewelry or accessories. U.S.-based Forrester Research expects online retail sales in Canada to reach $34 billion in 2018 — representing 10 per cent of all total retail transactions in the country.” Not only has Toronto fashion week assisted bloggers, designers, models and further fashion businesses, it clearly has assisted the economy too. 

Gaza by Latuff  

Once again i have come across Carlos Latuff’s political cartoons on my Facebook page and i would like to take the time to talk about how grateful i am to his political cartoons that relate to my country (Palestine) and how he relates his work to the conflicts of his country to those happening on the other side of the world. There is one piece i would like to talk about which appears more than once. Image 

This is a quite interesting caricature done by Latuff in 2006, as it explains what is happening exactly on just a piece of paper. It sums up the Israel-palestine situation and how it is perceived worldwide. We can see a huge bloodbath that symbolizes Gaza and Palestine itself. The united states of america is symbolized by the man who seems at ease and chilling in the pool filled with skulls and blood. Moreover, the man who had just came out of the pool symbolizes the zionists as he walks by with pride, with the israeli flag. The waiter symbolizes the United Nations as he is going to serve the American man in the pool which pretty much what the UN does since it is basically controlled by the states since they have the upper hand. Finally, the West sits on the other side of the world, acting as if they hadn’t seen anything and try to avoid the situation or just go with the flow. In both cases, their presence is meaningless and pointless since they do nothing to change or stop the massacre and this is why the states obtains the power of having the last say. This caricature seems to be the most engaging out of all the other caricatures I have seen about Palestine and Israel as it reveals the role of every continent/country and what they do. “To each his own” is the perfect line to use in this situation as each one of them do what it is best for them to do, following their benefits and needs. There are too many humans in this world, but too little of humanity. The artist has chosen the right colours to unveil his truth. The red in the pool brings out the most important message in his piece which is, the genocide that is happening in Gaza. I would have preferred if the caricaturist had included the middle-east and its position in this conflict, as it would have shown the complete picture of what was actually going on. Through internet and multiples medium we have been able to keep up to date with Latuff’s work and i prefer looking at images instead of reading large articles because it gives room to explore the context with the knowledge that i already have and also gives me the freedom to ask further questions. 

Social media: Weapon of PsyWar & you’re the target 

“The chilling character of Gestapo torture chief Sturmbahnfuhrer Kessler summed it up precisely in the BBCs 1978 drama series on the French resistance ‘Secret Army’. In the episode ‘Trapped’ he explains: “Information. That’s the most important weapon we have. Information. My job is obtaining it. Every government fighting terrorism faces this problem and always will, I expect.”” 
The one word that kept repeating itself in this article was the word ‘spook’. And that is exactly what the freedom to information is; spooky. We like to think that by joining Facebook, twitter, instagram, gmail, hotmail, tumblr, Pinterest ect that our private information remains, well, private. But it is drifting further and further away from what a door to a house creates; privacy. 
As this article mentions, and honestly for me, i have never paid attention or even gave a second thought to why they ask me for my mothers maiden name, but it is absolutely ridiculous. In this new age we all have come to realize how important privacy is because even if we are in one place, we are actually everywhere. The world is always talking and it will not stop due to globalization. In the rate that communication is going, the only thing we can do is keep up. It is like updating your iPhone to the new iPhone 5 and downloading this new software just so you can get these great new apps, and have a newer, faster working phone. This article sadly, but in a very humorous ways brings me back to reality and how much more aware i have to be about my life and who really has access to it. 


Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?  

This article reminds me of my two male younger cousins who are obsessed with violent video games, karate and kung fu movies, ect. Watching them through the years…. you could tell that they try to live up to what they have learned on the television or through the internet. At a young age, you would expect boys to fight, try to act like their hero in the movies, try all of these new stunts on each other; but then it could turn into something more then just child-play. I agree with what Jim Carrey says in this article, that media violence can be the trigger to much of the violence that our kids are inflicting or experiencing. Whereas, the executive producer of the movie Kick-Ass 2 says he has “never quite bought the notion that violence in fiction leads to violence in real life any more than Harry Potter casting a spell creates more boy wizards in real life.” 

There is now consensus that exposure to media violence is linked to actual violent behavior — a link found by many scholars to be on par with the correlation of exposure to secondhand smoke and the risk of lung cancer. In a meta-analysis of 217 studies published between 1957 and 1990, the psychologists George Comstock and Haejung Paikfound that the short-term effect of exposure to media violence on actual physical violence against a person was moderate to large in strength.

Mr. Comstock and Ms. Paik also conducted a meta-analysis of studies that looked at the correlation between habitual viewing of violent media and aggressive behavior at a point in time. They found 200 studies showing a moderate, positive relationship between watching television violence and physical aggression against another person.

Parents should be able to dictate which games and movies their kids could watch especially at a certain age when their brains are like sponges and absorb everything. 


A kiss with a stranger 

I know this may be a little different or something that is not necessary to post for this class, but after watching this my emotions shifted and all i wanted to do it write something… so i thought i would write it here. Imagine what it would be like to kiss a stranger? It is really really scary. Where does all that courage come from, and where do all the questions hide? That is one great thing to ask actually… where do all the questions hide when you are completely exposed and placed in one of the most honest intimate moments in a persons life? There seems to be no room to over analyze the situation and that on its own is a blessing. Watching this video made me feel the exact same feelings those strangers had with each other. I thought about the lipstick getting on those mans lips, the passion between the woman in the striped shirt and the man in with the beanie… even the need to kiss that person again once it stopped. Right now i am trying to figure out how i can relate this video to one of the topics we learnt in class and it comes down to a general thought. If i did not stumble this on facebook, i probably would not have ever thought what it would be like to kiss a stranger… but at the end of the day… i feel like we all have 😛 
It was magical to watch every person unfold on camera, a medium used to capture everyday life. Whomever you may be, and whatever your background may be, we are all searching for human contact, from anyone really. We all search for physical and emotional stimulation from someone else. It also shows how easy it is for two strangers, in such a little physical way, in such short of time, to really feel like they know each other, even though they hardly know each others’ names. It shows also how easy it may also be for some to fall in love with another, just by the slightest of touches or looks. I guess some don’t see that, but as an artist, even just as a woman, i feel and see everything in this video. 

So she was outed as a porn star? 

A commentator of this article said, “here’s a failure that most of the commentators have missed. This is a young woman, using the message of sex positivism, to justify her selling her body for money for an education. There is, however, a failure in this. sex positivism (liberal feminism) claims that women just as men, should be able to have the choice of sexual partners. this woman is not choosing her sexual partners by free will when participating in pornography – she is being paid to have sex with them, a fine line between pornography and prostitution.” 
And just as Frank Ocean sang about in his song, Novacane, “She said she wanna be a dentist really badly, she’s in school payin’
For tuition doin’ porn in the Valley, at least she workin” 
At this day and age we are slowly steering away from the anal mentality that was a part of our parents and grandparents generation. At the time sex was considered taboo… only something that happens behind closed doors when a man and a woman; more specifically a husband and his wife decide to conceive a child. But now sex has become something worth talking about freely. I chose this article because i want to congrats this woman on the risk she has taken, but not on the choice she has made. Not everyone comes from a well-off family that can afford a high end university but this woman had a drive to reach her need for an education and she saw it fit to pay for it by being a part of the porn industry. Good for her. It was her choice at the end of the day and she will later deal with the consequences, if there are any.
Now to talk about the consequences. As a student in a university, regardless of the title of the school, we have had it drilled in our heads ( well most of us), that we should finish university and find a job that will support us. In secret though, we also have to maintain an excellent (positive) reputation. The internet with all its pros has been a deceiver to what we would like to consider ‘private’. I would like to say that media brings us all kinds of news and this woman has been outed as something ‘taboo’ and now it is being spoken about all over the internet. It was posted from Duke University and i saw it on my facebook page and decided to read it hear and canada. Now the whole world knows about it and it could be seen as a good or a bad thing. The internet or any other form of media is one of the most amazing things created for advertising anything to discussing the most significant events, but it can also be a heart-breaker and now a lot of people are taking into consideration, what should be private or what should not exist in the public eye.