TFW 2014 Boost Business

This year Toronto hosted it’s annual Fashion Week which represented multiple canadian fashion designers and make up artists. In this one week, artists, designers, students, people of all ages and interests came together to support their love for fashion. Through all this work and effort they were able to represent a different side of Canada that is different from sports. Alberta born designer Sid Neigum said Toronto Fashion Week, “opens you up to an entire new market of consumers that I hadn’t had before, and it’s just a great promotional platform, too… A Statistics Canada report released last October found the value of online orders placed by Canadians reached $18.9 billion in 2012 — a 24 per cent increase from 2010. Among online shoppers, 42 per cent purchased clothing, jewelry or accessories. U.S.-based Forrester Research expects online retail sales in Canada to reach $34 billion in 2018 — representing 10 per cent of all total retail transactions in the country.” Not only has Toronto fashion week assisted bloggers, designers, models and further fashion businesses, it clearly has assisted the economy too. 


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