Social media: Weapon of PsyWar & you’re the target 

“The chilling character of Gestapo torture chief Sturmbahnfuhrer Kessler summed it up precisely in the BBCs 1978 drama series on the French resistance ‘Secret Army’. In the episode ‘Trapped’ he explains: “Information. That’s the most important weapon we have. Information. My job is obtaining it. Every government fighting terrorism faces this problem and always will, I expect.”” 
The one word that kept repeating itself in this article was the word ‘spook’. And that is exactly what the freedom to information is; spooky. We like to think that by joining Facebook, twitter, instagram, gmail, hotmail, tumblr, Pinterest ect that our private information remains, well, private. But it is drifting further and further away from what a door to a house creates; privacy. 
As this article mentions, and honestly for me, i have never paid attention or even gave a second thought to why they ask me for my mothers maiden name, but it is absolutely ridiculous. In this new age we all have come to realize how important privacy is because even if we are in one place, we are actually everywhere. The world is always talking and it will not stop due to globalization. In the rate that communication is going, the only thing we can do is keep up. It is like updating your iPhone to the new iPhone 5 and downloading this new software just so you can get these great new apps, and have a newer, faster working phone. This article sadly, but in a very humorous ways brings me back to reality and how much more aware i have to be about my life and who really has access to it. 



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