Gaza by Latuff  

Once again i have come across Carlos Latuff’s political cartoons on my Facebook page and i would like to take the time to talk about how grateful i am to his political cartoons that relate to my country (Palestine) and how he relates his work to the conflicts of his country to those happening on the other side of the world. There is one piece i would like to talk about which appears more than once. Image 

This is a quite interesting caricature done by Latuff in 2006, as it explains what is happening exactly on just a piece of paper. It sums up the Israel-palestine situation and how it is perceived worldwide. We can see a huge bloodbath that symbolizes Gaza and Palestine itself. The united states of america is symbolized by the man who seems at ease and chilling in the pool filled with skulls and blood. Moreover, the man who had just came out of the pool symbolizes the zionists as he walks by with pride, with the israeli flag. The waiter symbolizes the United Nations as he is going to serve the American man in the pool which pretty much what the UN does since it is basically controlled by the states since they have the upper hand. Finally, the West sits on the other side of the world, acting as if they hadn’t seen anything and try to avoid the situation or just go with the flow. In both cases, their presence is meaningless and pointless since they do nothing to change or stop the massacre and this is why the states obtains the power of having the last say. This caricature seems to be the most engaging out of all the other caricatures I have seen about Palestine and Israel as it reveals the role of every continent/country and what they do. “To each his own” is the perfect line to use in this situation as each one of them do what it is best for them to do, following their benefits and needs. There are too many humans in this world, but too little of humanity. The artist has chosen the right colours to unveil his truth. The red in the pool brings out the most important message in his piece which is, the genocide that is happening in Gaza. I would have preferred if the caricaturist had included the middle-east and its position in this conflict, as it would have shown the complete picture of what was actually going on. Through internet and multiples medium we have been able to keep up to date with Latuff’s work and i prefer looking at images instead of reading large articles because it gives room to explore the context with the knowledge that i already have and also gives me the freedom to ask further questions. 


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