A kiss with a stranger


I know this may be a little different or something that is not necessary to post for this class, but after watching this my emotions shifted and all i wanted to do it write something… so i thought i would write it here. Imagine what it would be like to kiss a stranger? It is really really scary. Where does all that courage come from, and where do all the questions hide? That is one great thing to ask actually… where do all the questions hide when you are completely exposed and placed in one of the most honest intimate moments in a persons life? There seems to be no room to over analyze the situation and that on its own is a blessing. Watching this video made me feel the exact same feelings those strangers had with each other. I thought about the lipstick getting on those mans lips, the passion between the woman in the striped shirt and the man in with the beanie… even the need to kiss that person again once it stopped. Right now i am trying to figure out how i can relate this video to one of the topics we learnt in class and it comes down to a general thought. If i did not stumble this on facebook, i probably would not have ever thought what it would be like to kiss a stranger… but at the end of the day… i feel like we all have 😛 
It was magical to watch every person unfold on camera, a medium used to capture everyday life. Whomever you may be, and whatever your background may be, we are all searching for human contact, from anyone really. We all search for physical and emotional stimulation from someone else. It also shows how easy it is for two strangers, in such a little physical way, in such short of time, to really feel like they know each other, even though they hardly know each others’ names. It shows also how easy it may also be for some to fall in love with another, just by the slightest of touches or looks. I guess some don’t see that, but as an artist, even just as a woman, i feel and see everything in this video. 


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