So she was outed as a porn star? 

A commentator of this article said, “here’s a failure that most of the commentators have missed. This is a young woman, using the message of sex positivism, to justify her selling her body for money for an education. There is, however, a failure in this. sex positivism (liberal feminism) claims that women just as men, should be able to have the choice of sexual partners. this woman is not choosing her sexual partners by free will when participating in pornography – she is being paid to have sex with them, a fine line between pornography and prostitution.” 
And just as Frank Ocean sang about in his song, Novacane, “She said she wanna be a dentist really badly, she’s in school payin’
For tuition doin’ porn in the Valley, at least she workin” 
At this day and age we are slowly steering away from the anal mentality that was a part of our parents and grandparents generation. At the time sex was considered taboo… only something that happens behind closed doors when a man and a woman; more specifically a husband and his wife decide to conceive a child. But now sex has become something worth talking about freely. I chose this article because i want to congrats this woman on the risk she has taken, but not on the choice she has made. Not everyone comes from a well-off family that can afford a high end university but this woman had a drive to reach her need for an education and she saw it fit to pay for it by being a part of the porn industry. Good for her. It was her choice at the end of the day and she will later deal with the consequences, if there are any.
Now to talk about the consequences. As a student in a university, regardless of the title of the school, we have had it drilled in our heads ( well most of us), that we should finish university and find a job that will support us. In secret though, we also have to maintain an excellent (positive) reputation. The internet with all its pros has been a deceiver to what we would like to consider ‘private’. I would like to say that media brings us all kinds of news and this woman has been outed as something ‘taboo’ and now it is being spoken about all over the internet. It was posted from Duke University and i saw it on my facebook page and decided to read it hear and canada. Now the whole world knows about it and it could be seen as a good or a bad thing. The internet or any other form of media is one of the most amazing things created for advertising anything to discussing the most significant events, but it can also be a heart-breaker and now a lot of people are taking into consideration, what should be private or what should not exist in the public eye. 


Members of Society: The Mass Audience.

A mass audience is not to be thought of as a mob or as an unthinking mass of individuals vulnerable to the intentional or unintentional manipulations of media practitioners. Rather, it is a convenient shorthand term for the great number of people who consume mass entertainments and information. The ongoing growth of new media has changed traditional notions of audiences and today audience members are themselves often media producers which brings me to the point of this blog. I am a part of this mass audience community, and after i started using did i start to become a media producer. This ‘news stand’ is not just for a grade in class, but it has been able to make reading the news online easier and it is continuously updated with information that i am interested in. It is like, tumblr, stumble upon or even pinterest but about news around the world that affects our own personal world drastic ways. As for being a media producer, the combination of articles that i put together may someday be exactly the collaboration of  information that somebody else is looking for. I strive to look for information that relates to my field of study and that of the country i was brought up in.